The simplest way is sometimes the best (like, for ransom-ware)

Malwarebytes has been amazingly transparent bringing their anti-ransomware product through the beta process.  Lots of success stories & a good number of false positives on their support forum.

<<insert obvious statement about it being beta code for all the trolls & internet tough guys who like to whine about free stuff!>>


Beta #1 came about the time of me shoveling the first snow of the year.  Beta 7 hit the streets three weeks ago. It’s not just worth taking a look, we highly recommend you install it…

And you can’t beat the price.  As always for personal use, it’s free.

Interesting tidbit:

Malwarebytes’ CEO started the company when he was 16. The company got a nice little piece of venture funding last year, making him a millionaire before his 27th birthday.

He’s putting their $$$ to good use – developing enterprise class products – not fancy marketing brochures & trinkets to give out at trade shows.

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