The secret to dazzling your CISO with your seemingly infinite knowledge of InfoSec!

You should meet Richard Stiennon & Stu Munro… our walking wikipedia’s of InfoSec.  We’ve never asked either of them about an up’n’coming company or the ins’n’outs of a particular technology, and not received a substantive, well-reasoned insight.


They both deny it, but we think we found the source of all their knowledge. Last week we stumbled upon a report from Momentum Partners, and with a few searches went down into a rabbit-hole of high quality analysis of the security market.  As much as Richard & Stu astound me, if ever we found the source of all InfoSec knowledge in one place, Momentum is it!


Now we don’t know a lot about Momentum, but if there’s ever going to be a “Gartner 2.0”, and we’re not betting men, but if we were, we’d put money that it would be them.  Momentum is producing a lot of quality work AND a boatload of it is in the public domain!  (Full disclosure: We’re not affiliated with Momentum Partners in any way, shape, or fashion.  Our only interaction with them was an email to ask permission to publish THIS HUGE CHART.)  Somewhere, Momentum must have a fee based service.  We mean, they’re based in San Francisco, and nothing’s free out there (except maybe shopping carts.)  A quick google search or two, and their public stuff will keep you “flipping pages” for a very, very long time.


But let’s keep this our little secret.  Just from the chart above (and the report where we found it), your CIO & CISO will wonder how you know the “strategic fit” for every significant security technology out there.  (If you can’t find good reads by Momentum, email us.  If you find something else compelling, we’d appreciate it if you clue us in.)

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