The fat guy in the red suit is opening his info sec bag for you…

This email is probably the last thing standing between you and a hearty glass of potent eggnog, it’ll be short.

Let’s get a jump on all the “Top 10 lists for 2017” before we get to that point of puking every time a new one pops into your inbox.Here are “game changer” technologies to keep your eye on as 2017 unfolds…

Machine Learning

Preempt – Firewalls directory services & domain controllers

Darktrace – This one, and a couple of others, are securing devices that cannot secure themselves.  (think industrial controllers, SCADA, etc.)


Blue Cedar – Mobile Device Management is so 2012!  MDM 2.0 is a whole new game… but in a really good way!

Lookout – Mobile malware attacks are a different animal.  You thought ransomware was bad?  Wait’ll you see what’s coming for mobile!


Bastille – Machine learning links InfoSec, PhysicalSec, & Location Info for new insight into who/what/when/where/how in your facilities.

CUJO – Hyper-Protection of IoT in the home.  There’s shift coming in the responsibility & exposure of organizations to secure key employees outside their office.


CATO Networks – Moving to an enterprise cloud app or a “hybrid cloud”?  What CATO does is shaping up to be a “must have”.

For the coming week, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Zartosht No-Diso, or Winter Solstice greetings, and a Prosperous New Year!

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