Push the dialing out….

When you look at the history of the telephone, the evolution of dialing followed a pattern. It was simple that the phone company moved more and more tasks to the user. Think of the earliest days, an operator having to respond to a light that the caller turned on, then manually connect wires and then disconnect when done. It didn’t take long for the dialing to me moved out so that the caller could manually place the call to the destination.

We’ve arrived at today when even our billing and selection of the services we want are programmed & confirmed by whom? US! The more the phone companies were able to push the time intensive tasks from their own internal people to the end users, the result was not just lowering the cost of providing the service, but it had the side benefit of scale and customer satisfaction rising.

What does it take to push the dialing out in our own organizations?

  • simplify the process for the user
  • make the processes the user doesn’t see consistent and reliable
  • demonstrate the benefits to the user for embracing the change before and during the rollout
  • provide incentives for the early adopters who will then promote the benefits of the change
  • don’t take on too much at one time, this is an evolutionary process

Some of the obvious “self service” moves, we are already taking place. But the less obvious opportunities are where we can make substantial changes to the cost structures of deploying and supporting the technology & applications in our companies.

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