Mobile is the New Enterprise!

The dissolving perimeter…

Any time, any place…

Most businesses have heard one or more of these phrases many times over the last two years or so.  Even if you haven’t, you’re likely living it daily by arming your mobile workforce with mobile tools. You hear regularly the terms “consumerization”, “mobile enabled”, BYOD & MDM. These have become the foundations of mobile in the enterprise and a starting point of solid governance policies and the management & security of devices.  (We also need to have that talk about securing mobile data, central corporate data, your users, and your network, but let’s save that discussion for another time.)  At the heart of all this is our ultimate goal of mobile enabling corporate systems, and thus ultimately empower our workforces.  To achieve these goals, we’ll need to find and build innovative mobile applications.  Some of these might be identified by your Mobile Innovation Council (MIC), or your Chief Mobility Officer (CMoO), but in this new mobile world, it’s more likely that the applications will be grown from the ground up.  Users will find them.  They will define them so that you can build them.  Or they might be building them themselves right now.

The question becomes, “How do I harness the inevitable innovation?”  An even better question is, “How do I champion the innovations without stifling it with burdensome management & security policies & technologies.

Mobile application development is one place where the rubber meets the road.  Start to think of it as creating your Masters of the Mobile Enterprise.  This is made up from end users with their business expertise and an in-house development team, ready and waiting to be allowed to enter the exciting world of mobile.

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