Is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Really Magic? Part 3…MDM

Similar to my question in “Is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Really Magic? Part 1…”, I’d like to point out something that has bothered me since the latest MDM magic quadrant came out.

At the top of Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management 2013” are MobileIron & AirWatch. Digging into the analysis of those two very good vendors, I found under “Cautions” for the two vendors, the following commentary…

AirWatch – “occasionally reference feedback has been suboptimal, with negative experiences specifically regarding implementation and post sales technical support for on-premises installations and upgrades.” (Note: emphasis is mine, not Gartner’s.)

MobileIron – “a number of complaints regarding customer service when it was delivered by partners, but has taken back Level 1 support and has seen increased customer satisfaction”

Now, I’m not going to quibble as to whether or not these two vendors belong in the #1 & #2 spots. What has continued to bother me is that implementation & post installation support are the two things that will cost an organization the most dollars and most frustration (both for IT and end-users). Strategies & features be damned if the product is difficult to work with or if problems aren’t resolved in a timely or satisfactory manner. (and yes, MobileIron’s satisfaction increased, but if you’re going to put that into the report, Gartner, I need some better quantification of how much!

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