If David Bowie ran your cloud security

OK, let’s get something straight.  We wouldn’t have hired David Bowie to run our SOC either.  Too expensive & wanted only purple M&M’s in the data center.  But there are some things we can learn from him about how we go about our own work…

  • Transform… Game Changer?  Ziggy Stardust!?!   ‘nuf said!
  • Execute… The guy was relentless in his pursuit of excellence & making sure all the pieces were in place for what he produced.
  • Adapt… Our favorites were when he worked with Bing Crosby, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, & Alicia Keys.

How does this fit with your security framework in “th’ cloud”?  Gartner predicted last year that CASB* would be the hottest InfoSec technology in 2015. They were wrong.


But there’s little doubt we need to transform what we already have. So what do we need to know – or – to communicate to our organizations so that our execution plan is place?

  • Leading CASB solutions include BitGlass, Elastica, NetSkope, CloudLock, Microsoft & others
  • Three great vendor agnostic CASB infographics…
    • CASB Diagram
    • CASB Description
    • CASB Technical Geek Speak
  • A new entry in the CASB horse race is www.avanan.com that we’re watching.  Game changer approach. Impressive leadership team.

If the time is right to move your cloud security forward, reply back and we can discuss Gartner’s October 2015 CASB report & approaches that will adapt to what you’ve already invested.


* Cloud Access Security Broker (It’s supposed to be “one stop shopping” to secure all your cloud resources.)

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