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  • InterWorks is constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies. We regularly review respected sources for ‘sure thing’ InfoSec technologies. – venture capital reports, industry publications, market analysts, and our own industry contacts.
  • InterWorks’ database of thousands of InfoSec technologies is updates weekly with the companies that have the potential of being the “next big thing”. We have developed “triggers” that alert us to the technologies that deserve “a deeper dive”.
  • Our systematic approach isn’t perfect, of course, but it gives us an advantage in identifying “game-changers”. If there’s a better process out there, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate & improve our processes.
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    We talk. We argue. We research. We check our sources. We connect with the leaders and their customers. We compare all we learn as we determine if a technology meets our criteria.For our customers, we’ve developed a process for discovery & determination. By design, we meet with IT & InfoSec leadership twice a year. Before meeting, our teams work with our customers to map out which of the game-changers will have the biggest impact on their tactics & strategies…

  • up-coming initiatives (for example, moving a major function to the cloud)
  • current investment in people, processes & infrastructure
  • metrics that will allow us to measure the success in the deployment phase
  • We don’t charge for any of this. Why? Because. We’re insanely curious and we want to share our knowledge with the intent of finding IT leaders who share our curiosity, but don’t have the time or resources to do the intensive investigation we do. We can do it, because we’re doing it on behalf of lots of comapnies.
    The hardest lifting has been done. In “agile” terminology, we’ve established out “backlog”. We’re prepared to move to DEPLOY”…



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    The key factor in begining the deployment phase is to know the measures of sucess. We ask, “If you don’t know how a technology might improve your most important metrics, why meet!?!”There are four key precepts to “agile” that we incorporate into our approach:

  • Respect for the time of the implementation team
  • Clearly defining the objectives against the business requirements & establishing metrics moves the process forward
  • Managing to the “backlog” and using “incremental improvement” can collapse time & effort tenfold
  • Preparation & focus on the end goal/product keeps the project on track
  • Many CISO’s have commented that the value of working with InterWorks isn’t just the technologies we bring to them, but the impact we can have in helping them evolve their culture.




We have developed this process around the same concepts used in agile development.

So why are we willing to share our knowledge freely…

We want to develop a relationship where we are familiar with an organization’s most pressing challenges, and then match up those “game changing” technologies that address those problems.  It kind of puts us out there – exposes us to the possibility that somebody’s going to take our insight and run with it.  It’s happened.  But our track record is good enough that the organizations that trust us (and allow us to trust them), they’ve experienced the benefit of that kind of working relationship.

All we ask is that our customers elect to work with us on the deployment of the technologies.  In a couple of years, when it’s time to renew support and the technology is wide-spread, InterWorks is moving to the “next big thing”.  We’ll work with you to transition the support of your “80% vendor”.

What happens when the latest and greatest is no longer the latest and greatest?

In a couple of years, when our “game changing” technologies become mainstream, they expand & get support from those other integrators, we will have moved on to the next significant development of cutting edge applications.  And we’re ok with that.  We’re just fine working with you “legacy integrators” to transition the sale & support of the technologies to which we introduce you.   That forces us to stay at the front of the innovation curve.

InterWorks is on top of the issues & technologies that help you keep pace with the fast evolving threats your team will face.  Want to learn more?  CONTACT US!