The Security Executive’s Technology Dilemma

How do I maximize my overall effectiveness? How do I balance my CapEx, OpEx & labor “spend”?

How do I create and structure relationships with my vendors so that they are in natural alignment with MY goals and objectives?

How do I select new technologies to deploy based on maximizing the impact on our existing people, process & technology?

How do I maximize the strategic impact of new technologies versus “Time to Value”?

How do I maximize the likelihood that technologies will be implemented successfully and meet their intended goals?

I don’t have the resources to systematically find new technologies that let me address fast emerging threats.

How do I decide when it makes sense to bring in a new technology?

  • Huge shift in my existing architecture (ie, moving a major application to the cloud)
  • A highly visible threat, attack or vulnerability is exposed (or comes to light)
  • A new attack vector becomes more predominant
  • Obsolescence of an existing technology
  • Economies of scale or maintenance contract costs cause an existing technology to become more expensive than a move to a new technology
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