All of InfoSec’s Answers are in the “Princess Bride”

I’ve watched “Princess Bride” probably 25-30 times. My wife thinks I’m crazy. I tell her I’m exploring my feminine side. It’s a chick flick isn’t it? She swears I just fantasize about being Andre-the-Giant.  I won’t bore you with why there’s a linkage between “Princess Bride” and the three pillars that drive our business, but there are connections in my feeble, little mind.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You keeled my server. Prepare to die.”

Let’s delve right into InterWorks’ premise for how we go about our lives & our business. It’s built upon, and continually evolves around, three pillars. We think you can apply them to your situation, whether it’s about your InfoSec organization, or personally in how you develop your career, or probably even every other aspect of your life.

#3… Leverage
There’s a lot of people throwing around the figure that we will need ***6 MILLION*** additional information security professionals by 2020. (Here’s one of them.) Let me put that into perspective. There are 210,030 dentists practicing in the United States in April of 2016. In 4 years, almost 1% of the US population will be employed in InfoSec??? Really!?! The prediction reminded me of “The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894”. Short version of the story, The Times of London predicted, “In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.” I’m not making this up. That’s why I gave you the links!
InterWorks is looking for technologies that make existing security analysts 10x more effective. We’ve found some that do just that. Many of them are built with machine learning at their foundation. Read our blog entry on machine learning and then contact us to learn more.

#2… Process
At InterWorks, we continually remind ourselves that EVERYTHING IS A PROCESS. Whether it’s how we solve a problem, how we deal with each other, or even how we decide where to go to lunch, IT’S A PROCESS. This perspective helps us always be looking forward and it’s helps us avoid playing “the blame game”. (Mistakes are viewed as a learning process.) We’re intent on building a culture of collaboration, both internally as well as with our customers and our vendors. We’re on a mission to be constantly improving and that leads us to #1!!!

#1… Value
Value is built around three things.

First is to have a clear understanding of the true need. For InterWorks, that isn’t about being the best, or the fast, or the smartest. It’s not even about the products we bring to our customers. Not directly, at least. The way we define our value that, through technology-focused solutions, we help our customers address:

• Making their security team more efficient & effective (10x!)
• The time it takes to identify security breaches and then to address them faster (10x!)
(I know. I know. Why stop at 10x? We ask ourselves that constantly. But, it’s a nice, round number we can all wrap our heads around. In any case, we’re constantly on the lookout and finding game-changers!)

Second, value requires our ability to communicate our value. This might be the toughest task we have. If we can’t communicate our value, then it either means we don’t understand the true nature of our value, or that we have to change what we provide to keep up with this fast changing world.

Third, value must be adapted as situations & needs change. (Did someone mention “process”!?!)

All life’s answers can be found in the  “Princess Bride”.

We invite your thoughts on these three pillars. They define us at InterWorks. And true to our spirit, we want to improve upon our understanding of them. Perhaps even, there should be a fourth or fifth principle that we should add to our list. Let us know. Maybe someday, we’ll even respond to you with a deep, heartfelt, “As You Wish!”

Want to learn more about machine learning for InfoSec or other game-changing InfoSec technologies? Give us a call or email us…

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