A ransomware strategy so easy Johnny Manziel couldn’t screw it up

Too many of us are stuck in a victim mentality mode. And the solution?  Really, folks… It’s just this simple. Here’s the 12 step program that will keep your name off of the front page of TMZ (or the Wall Street Journal)…

  1. Admit you have a problem.
  2. Keep telling your users to be aware. Politely of course.
  3. Install malware prevention that stops 98%+ zero-day attacks.
    (We know only two that deploy almost overnight & perform with that 98%+ level of assurance.)
  4. Assume that nothing is perfect. When something does get past your perimeter & endpoint protection, be prepared having already implemented an “Easy Fix Button”. It finds all devices that have been infected and then eliminates/remediates/eradicates all instances of that known malware across all the devices on your network.
    (There’s one technology that works with existing virus/malware protection technologies. It’s enterprise-proven and the capex/opex are, amazingly, something that any organization should be able to expense.)
  5. If you can’t expense it, then your organization has bigger problems and you need to go back to Step #1.
  6. Backup… Off-line backup… Test your backups.  Repeat.
  7. For those of you who have risk exposures as significant as the Cleveland Browns have ownership issues, then you need to detect & stop in real-time all lateral movement indicative of a kill-chain progression.  If that sounds like gibberish or marketing-speak, skip this step. It’s ok. Unless, you’re a hospital or a critical part of the power grid or something like that. If that’s the case, then we need to talk.  Seriously.
  8. Go to the store, buy a half gallon of the most decadent ice cream you can find.
  9. Oops! That’s it. No steps 9-12. “Sit back and relax.” You’ve done a good job this week.

Naturally, InterWorks can fill in the blanks for any and all of the steps above.  Don’t be shy.  Reply back & ask.  We’re here to help!


(And for all our Aggie brethren who hope Johnny can get back on track… “Gig’Em!”)

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